Experience Happiness

@ Paati Veedu

Paati Veedu is a new concept in fine dining bringing together folklore and taste with high quality culinary to provide a unique range of luxury specialty South Indian Vegetarian Cuisine served in an ambience that shall transport you back in time with happiness.

The restaurant is owned by a group of passionate individuals who relished the idea of creating a unique restaurant with a completely different dining experience.

Eating out should be an enjoyable experience. Food should be exciting, service friendly and the atmosphere uplifting and happy.

Setting the tone, the layout, infrastructure as well as the entire ambience reflects “Nostalgia” to its diners. The surroundings are kept very traditional at the same time with a lot of scope for fun and happiness. The food served is recipes that have survived time and cooked in the most authentic way without the need for artificial flavours or preservatives.

Paati Veedu has three concepts in the form of Bhakshana, Bhakshanam and Decoction Café.

Bhakshana is the main dining of Paati Veedu with A La Carte Menu and its specialty being the grandiose “Poorna Bhakshana” a seven course unlimited meal that will be visually appetizing and a grand feast for the taste buds.

Bhakshanam caters to delightful sweets and savouries with a combination of tradition and contemporary elements that make it an eclectic mix, at the same time never compromising on the uniqueness of its taste.

The idea of Paati Veedu was not just to appeal to lovers of traditional food but also to the fast food lovers in the form of traditional food with a twist through Decoction Café.

At Paati Veedu we believe in reviving the “Forgotten Recipes” and tastes that defy time and providing its diners happiness at its best.